The place to find original comic pages. You can buy my artwork there.
The best curio shop and art gallery in San Diego County. You can buy my artwork there.
They publish books, comics and EROS. They also publish me - LIFE OF THE PARTY and NIPPLES 'N' TUM TUM can be ordered here.
Guitar player extraordinaire and author of THE GUITAR COOKBOOK.
The best curio shop and art gallery in the world.
One of the original underground comix companies. I've been published in many of their titles such as WEIRDO, SEX STORIES FROM THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS and WIMMEN'S.
Interesting books. You can find SORRY WE'RE CLOSE here.
Bill Pierce's web & graphic design / rock poster portfolio. Bill maintains this site for me, and is highly recommended. His alter ego Pierce Williams makes very cool stencil portrait prints.
The publish in Berlin, so if you want to see comics in German, this is the place. They publish my book, FREAK MAGNET.
The original designer of this website.
Trios Gallery, formerly in Solana Beach is now closed but check out Jon & Sheri's newest project Scraphound Studio.


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